Simple Artistic designs

Simple Artistic Maze Designs
These mazes can also be used to illustrate some simple points.

Simple maze design

Simple Maze 1

For instance this maze has 2 paths to the exit and 2 dead ends. Interestingly it is 14 squares on either route from the start to the finish.

Simple Maze

Simple Maze 2

This maze is a symmetrical one route maze with 5 dead ends but several of them can be seen as a dead end from the junction before, one from the exit itself. As the main idea of a maze is to send you down paths without knowing if it is a dead end then this maze does not really fulfil that requirement but it does look quite artistic.

Here are some more small artistic mazes:

Small Maze 1

Small Maze 2

Small Maze 3

Circular designs

I want to call this maze design crop circles and if it was ever made into a maze it would have to be made out of maize. There is no master plan with this maze, the idea is that the walls represent the overlapping rings of three rain drops on a still puddle. One challenge for the maze would be to find the centre of each circle and then find your way out again in the quickest possible time. There is only one entrance, you go round and round in circles and come out the same way.

To solve it should be fairly simple, there are only 1 or 2 dead ends and they are fairly obvious especially if the aim is to head to the middle of each circle. Still an interesting little design, quite artistic if not exactly challenging.

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