Not defunct merely sleeping

Modern life is busy. However, a plan such as this is always in the back of the mind waiting for that small opportunity to jump into the fore and say “Look at me”.

Recently, I had some time off to spend with my wife and child (16 months), we had the post modernistic staycation. I spent some time looking on the internet for somewhere to go locally which would offer lots of stimulation for the little one. I found a place which was an activity play ground with some animals. Nothing fantastic but it did claim to have a sensory walk which I thought would do the job and for the big ones it offered tea and cake.

At this point you are wondering how this links to mazes. Well it was perhaps an example of how not to do this kind of tourist endeavour.

The sensory walk was rubbish and in no way stimulated the senses. Only one of the displays which wasnt very innovative kept the little one vaguely interested.  A lot of the displays could have been picked up on ebay because they were cheap and just plonked on the field. There was clearly a reason they were for sale because frankly they were rubbish.

Whilst contemplating our experience over tea we disected our visit. Out of ten I would give the place a maximum of 4.

The significant flaws were:

  • The Sensory walk was not what you could reasonably call sensory
  • The tea was poor
  • The cakes were even worse
  • The displays were poor
  • There seemed to be little thought into how the whole lot would hang together
  • Stuff was either standard school stuff or fell off the back of ebay.
  • The portacabin tea room didnt help (but this would have been excusable if the quality of the tea and coffee were excellent)

To provide a balanced view, the positives were:

  • The price was cheap (although I could have spent twice as much elsewhere and probably had four times  the fun).
  • The concept of what they were trying to achieve was excellent, sadly the execution was flawed.
  • They had actually gone out and done something which is more than I have ever achieved 🙁

Anyway, for the maze project there are some key learning points for the project:

  • The tea, coffee and cake must be excellent. The coffee shop itself must be a tea room and you shouldnt have to pay an entry fee to get into it.
  • Some thought must go into how things work together , dont just buy something because it is cheap and may fit somewhere. Plan ahead.
  • Other people have done it and so can you.

Other thoughts have also followed about how to design my own maze project, more of my thoughts to come unless modern life gets in the way again.

*Note: I am not going to name the place as they have only been open 3 years and are probably still learning and I wish them the best in their endeavour, although personally unless I meet a friend who raves about the place I will never go back.

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