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The Dragonfly Maze – Bourton-on-the-water, Gloucestershire

I have added a new maze to the directory. Dragon Fly MazeĀ  – (Bourton-on-the-water – GL54 2EE) This is a puzzle yew hedge maze where you have to find 14 clues to solve the puzzle. Only with the help of … Continue reading

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Not defunct merely sleeping

Modern life is busy. However, a plan such as this is always in the back of the mind waiting for that small opportunity to jump into the fore and say “Look at me”. Recently, I had some time off to … Continue reading

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Some maze links

Its been a while since I have devoted time to this site, as usual other things have got in the way. However, having seen a maze out on a walk today and thinking about my business future has led me … Continue reading

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Online text mazes

I work on many little computer programming projects simply because I want to see if it can be done. One of my latest projects has been a text adventure programme where I can present my mazes as an on-line text … Continue reading

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More small simple artistic designs

Well here are two more variations on a theme. I was aiming for a small symmetrical maze design and once I had one it lead to the other. The bigger one of the two could have a statue in each … Continue reading

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Random thoughts about advertising campaigns

Some random thoughts about marketing the maze project. Radio ads would work well. Strap lines: “Get lost… in a maze” “Lose your kids this half term” “Find your way … loose it… find it… retire for tea and cake” “Find … Continue reading

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GPS and Geocaching

This will add another dimension to the maze project. Strictly geocaches should be on public sites where there are no barriers to entry but obviously with the maze project there will be an entry fee. However, this does not stop … Continue reading

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Mazes in the Press: Britain’s best mazes (The Times)

Britain’s best mazes (The Times – 2006) An article from 2006 talking about some of the best mazes in the UK.

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Maze Designs – Simple artistic Designs 2

Here are some more very simple small maze designs. As previously these are more artistic mazes rather than mazes to get lost in.

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Location, Location, Location

Some thoughts about the site location which need to be jotted down. County Somerset Aircraft hangar The final tourist attraction is likely to be at least partially undercover to attract the wet weather tourists. I have had some thoughts about … Continue reading

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