GPS and Geocaching

This will add another dimension to the maze project. Strictly geocaches should be on public sites where there are no barriers to entry but obviously with the maze project there will be an entry fee. However, this does not stop us having our own hidden caches which we can advertise on our own website, hand out fact sheets and have specially geocaching introduction days for people that visit. We could also be geocacher friendly and have a local information notice board for nearby geocaches.

People could borrow GPS units from the ticket booth. On a basic level they would be givenĀ  a list of the GPS co-ordinates for the centre of the outdoor mazes, and they could try to use the GPS to help them get to the centre of the maze.

On a more detailed level we could have a number of geocaches hidden in each maze. Each geocache could contain a stamp and log book. At the ticket office we could sell special personal log books to log each geocache found. Some mazes could have simple GPS co-ordinate locations to find. A more complicated versionĀ  would have cryptic clues, for example we may have a maze with greek / roman statues in so there may be a cryptic clue where the answer is aphrodite. So the cache could be located behind aphrodite’s statue. Although for that kind of puzzle you would not necesarily need GPS as you could give someone just the cryptic clues. If you wanted to use GPS you could arrange it so that the clue was in two parts and is picked up at two different GPS locations and then you work out the clue to find the third location. Alternatively clues at two sites could give you the GPS numbers for the third site etc.

These ideas are definitely enhancements which would help make the project more interesting and make people more likely to visit again.

From a retail point of view in the site shop you could sell geocaching products. As the shop / cafe will not be part of the pay site you may then pick up pass traffic from geocachers.

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