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Its been a while since I have devoted time to this site, as usual other things have got in the way. However, having seen a maze out on a walk today and thinking about my business future has led me to think it is high time I put up an update.

Project wise I am slowly working on a spreadsheet ready to upload as a new text maze, however it has 343 individual locations so it is taking me a little while. So far I am at location 110.

I was out walking near Kirtlington in Oxfordshire where I visited Kirtlington Quary to do some geocaching. There is a lovely flat area in the middle of the quarry and someone has taken the time and trouble to lay out a traditional unicursal maze. Find several images of the maze on google.

Other than that have been carrying my random search through the interweb for more maze items to blog about.

Lappa Valley Steam Railway Maze, Cornwall

This maze combines two or my favourite things, trains and mazes. I like the idea of going to the centre and ringing the bell to declare success to anyone that cares to listen.

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