Maze ideas

Clearly once you have your maze design of passageways and paths you need to decide what you are going to build the maze out of.

There are many various standard ideas which we will look at in a subsection of maze designs but these posts will be about our ideas for concepts for laying out mazes in terms of materials and structure. They are more unique ideas which may or may not have been seen before. Some of them may eventually be built by us others may wait here hoping for a bit of attention. If you want to help develop these ideas in partnership then you should get in touch but don’t just steal them.

The Light Maze

This idea has been rattling around in my head for some years although initially it wasn’t a maze idea. Most people will have seen light trail photos which are long exposure photos so light sources such as brake lights leave trails across the photos. Well this idea is firstly about creating light trails.

My original vision was to pave an entire high street with pressure sensitive tiles which lit up as people stepped on them. Then after they stepped off they waited for two seconds then faded over a another two seconds to give a light trail with a faded trail. In this idea there is no maze so each person walking across the floor would have there own light trail behind them. Ideally this would be turned on at night when there are less people around and the light trails are easier to see.

Now the maze idea is still with the pressure sensitive floor is now with the lights laying out the maze so you start in one corner and move onto the next tile, if that is a path through the maze then the light goes green, if it is not it goes red. Then you progress like that except if there are dead ends in the maze and you get to one you wont know your route back so you will have to feel it out again. Remembering the green lights wont stay on but will slowly fade away.

There are other flavours of this maze as well, it could be a sound maze as well giving you a “ding” when you step on the right tile or a “uh – uh” when you step on the wrong tile or it could squirt you with water if you step on the wrong tile, straight up between the legs.

Plus of course you could wire it all up to a computer and have a different design ever hour of every day, so it would be ever changing.

So as you can see this is an excellent maze concept and part of the challenge of the maze project is putting these ideas into reality. So I have the idea, I can even design the mazes now I need some help in moving this concept forward.

If you think you can help with this concept do please get in touch.

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